Features That You Must Have In Your Lawn Mower

A Lawn mower is considered as one of the very essential outdoor power equipment that any home owner must have to fulfill the lawn mowing needs. However, choosing a self-propelled mower can be considered a challenge even there are lot of brands and models available in the market. It’s hard to decide that which brand and model will have the best features for the most value.

In this article will discussed among the better self-propelled lawn mowers which are available in the market to help you for getting a quick decision when you go for buying a self-propelled lawn mowers. We wish you to get the right mower on the market with the right price that can make your lawn mowing easy and with more care.
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Selecting The Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Basics Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

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Selecting a self-propelled lawn mower will be take place when you know that what features will continue to work best for your lawn as well as your own needs. The self-propelled lawn mowers further fall in two type which is available in the market. The first one id front-wheel and the second one is rear-wheel drive systems.

Type Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The front-wheel-drive system is suitable for the homeowner that looking mowers for working on flat yards. While on other hand rear-wheel drive systems are suggested for homeowner that are looking for a mower that wok on both flat and unequal areas. A rear-wheel drive system is excellent if you use it for bagging clipping on the hills.

Front-wheel drive can be considered as hard to use where you need a plenty of turns during mowing. You need to disengage the drive for an instant, if not tilt the mower back again to lift leading wheels off the Lawn.

Wheel System For Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Speaking of wheels, for flat lawn with a short grass the small wheel is considered as the best. When you have uneven surface or tall size grass, check out the range of mowers with taller rims, in the rear especially. Look at that the height of wheels will be adjustable to you. You might favor a mower that have single lever to modify all four rims if this is a function you will be getting a great deal.

Cutting Feature Of Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Cutting feature is another factor that must be considered, there’s also range of features to choose from. The three-in-one models can handle mulching, mowing as well as bagging of the grass. Which makes this kind of mower the most functional.

There’s also two-in-one models that can handle either mulching and side-discharging or mulching and bagging the lawn. If you don’t either use a mulched then it’s a right choice for you as you have fun with the mulched. You can clean up yard mowing fast with a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Additionally it is important to notice that two-cycle motors are no more in use of people. Modern lawn mowers employ four-cycle engines that are better, less messy, and efficient and they are quieter runner. Now a day’s most of the models available in the market have an accurate portion of oil and gasoline.

Extra Features That Some Self-Propelled Mowers Have

How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Blade Override

This is an extra feature that some of brands and model offer in self-propelled mowers. The main benefit of this feature is, you don’t need to stop the engine for stopping the blade of the mowers. So you can easily stop blade without hassle of stopping engine. Which also help you to save the petroleum resources.

Adjustable Speed

Another catching feature that most of the brands and models have is Adjustable speed features which mean you can use more than one speed drive rate. That help you to choose the different ride speed at different heights of a lawn. But these type of self-propelled mowers are expensive than the normal self-propelled mowers.

Adjustable Handlebar

There are different type of handlebar which are available with different models and brands. But it will be an awesome feature if you have an Adjustable handlebar which help you to adjust the handlebar according to your needs as well as where you can easily do lawn mowing.

Electric Start

When you have enough budget to spend on a lawn mower, a self-propelled mower which have an electric start and proper speed would be the best choice to buy. If you have limited budget than manual start self-propelled lawn mower will be a suitable choice.

There are also many other factors that must be considered when buying a lawn mowers but it all depends on the needs and budget you have. So buy one and let’s start mowing!

What To Look in For Getting Best Lawn Care

Everyone wants to truly have a beautiful green grass in their residential lawn and rendering it as more attractive. In addition they want a lawn which is free from weeds and pests. Due to busy routine, many people won’t have more time to place efforts for maintaining as well as care of your lawn. So it’s the time to select one from numerous lawn mowing companies is the only solution to your problems. All you need to do is to find out the best lawn mowing company which offer you the services you need with your budget limit.

There are number of lawn mowing, lawn care and lawn maintenance companies that offering you a variety of gardening and lawn care services. But here the question is which is the best company for your lawn care and maintenance services.

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After carefully examine many online resources and experience of professional I will get a good research on what are the major factors that you must considered before choosing lawn Care Company. Here are few things that you must keep in mind when you are going to invest in professional lawn care service

Which Service You Need For Lawn Care

At start you must choose whether you desire a lawn care and maintenance service for springtime, summer or winter. If you do, make an effort to choose a corporation that will fertilize your backyard for upcoming season so you wrap up with the greenest and healthiest lawn.

Organic Lawn Services for Lawn Care

Additionally you need to choose if you wish organic and natural garden services that only use to control products as is essential to keep weeds and pests with in your control. Organic grass maintenance products, targeted at different seasons as well as according to the environment and nature of your lawn. Of course you know that what fertilizer is best for your lawn but it is recommended that you ask lawn mower professional for best advice.

Pest Control Services for Lawn Care

The professional lawn care service you are going to hire must protect your lawn from pests. They must offer cover against white grubs as well as chinch pests within the restraints of using green products. Utilization of Nematode grub control is an excellent option for dealing with grubs. This technique uses microscopic worms to eliminate grubs from your grass and killing them. Ask your professional for this service if it is a part of your lawn care program.

Soil Testing and Treatment for Lawn Care

Professional lawn care companies also help you for treatments of fungi issues, you need soil tests, as well as use garden soil chemicals to offer the best lawn care. They must deal with the soil structure by increasing the oxidation by removing the soils plug which also help for better growth of grass. They also provide you broadleaf weeds, crabgrass as well as creeping Charlie management and control services.

Other Services Provided By Lawn Care Companies

Some lawn care companies exceeds you expectation regarding lawn care and maintenance. Some of these companies have lawn care packages that include the vegetation control for driveways, walkways and patios. Some of them also provide the tree insects control and management services as well as provide you root feeding of shrubs and trees. So the services of these companies is not limited to lawn moving only you can get other gardening and other services by asking them for planning for your lawn care and maintenance program.

Cost for Overall Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

While checking every products that you lawn care and maintenance program have, you must concentrate on your expenses that you may incur at competition of lawn care project. Take a compression of different professional lawn care program as well as merchandiser which help you to discover which is most affordable. Be sure you compare ‘apples with apples’ so you get the exact compression of price for your lawn care and maintenance service.


If you are looking for lawn care and Maintenance Company that offer you what you are looking for then you must find out the services offered by the package you are going for your lawn care. Whether you looking for a professional lawn care and maintenance professional or looking to control over the insects in your lawn, there are extensive lawn treatment companies to choose from, so research your options, decide which features you will need and want, and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.